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Hi! Welcome to itut!

As this community has grown so much in such a short time I thought I would make an introductory post of sorts to help people get acquainted with the community. I am obliquity (or Lyn) the creator and one of the mods. My goal with this community was to provide a place that provided only tutorials. There are no posts asking for help with certain settings, how to do a certain style or anything like that - tutorials only. Why did I decide to do this? Because I got very frustrated wading through all sorts of posts, unable to get to the actual tutorials. I have nothing against such communities, in fact I am a member of a couple and use tutorials I find there, however I wanted a place where I could go and bam! Tutorials everywhere! So that's how this community came to be.

The co-moderators of this community are tamswitter and dontlickit. There is also a community email address at itutcomm(at)gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns that you believe deserve private attention.

Like any community, there are rules and guidelines and those are on the userinfo so I won't bother reposting them here. I trust we are all mature enough to read those on our own. ;)

Because I would like to keep this community as high quality and user friendly as possible, posting access is granted by invitation OR by application only. There are no exceptions to this. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join the community and post comments but you will not automatically be granted posting access. Even if you are granted posting access, the posts are still moderated to make sure that the tutorials are easy to follow for any skill level.

Now, earlier in the post I mentioned that there will not be posts asking about specific techniques and this is true however this does not mean that you cannot ask a question about how to do something or about a tool in your program. If the question is related to a tutorial, post it as a comment on that tutorial and hopefully the author will answer it or someone who reads the comments will be able to answer it. Alternatively, there are two posts where you can post a question.

Icon Questions - leave a comment here if there is a specific technique you would like to know more about. For example, you want to know how to work with black and white images. :D
Program Questions - leave a comment here if you have a question about a tool in your program or are experiencing problems. For example, "How do I get rid of that little 1 on my image in photoshop?" or "What does the clone stamp tool do?".

And know that my goal was not to be a tutorial for elite icon makers - my goal is to provide help for anyone who wants it - whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced. Happy iconning!
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