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Tutorial feat.Scarlett Johansson

Tutorial Type: Icon
Skill level:  Beginner
Program used: Paint Shop Pro 9
Notes: The image used is from Scarlett Johansson Fan

First Step:  Create your base. I used this image of the beautiful Scarlett Johansson
Second Step:  Sharpen your base twice
Third Step:  Smooth your base, avoid the eye and lip areas.  I also used a little smoothing on the tip of the nose, but on a very low opacity, which is my preference.
Fourth Step:  Merge all layers.  After merging, duplicate new base and set it to Dodge at 20% opacity.  (Bring above all.)
Fifth Step:  Duplicate new base again but this time set it to Screen at 20% opacity.  (Bring above Dodge layer.)
Final Step:  Create a new layer and flood fill that layer with #140b3f.  Set this layer to Softlight at 28% opacity.  (Bring above Screen layer.)  If you would like, you can smooth out more areas, but I personally liked the outcome.
If there are any problems (I don't think there will be, but if there are...) just ask me.

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