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Queer as Folk Tutorial (B/J) Photoshop CS2

How to try to make but end up with .

Dunno how translatable this is, I haven't touched PSP once

NOTE: I'm doing this from memory, so it's probably not going to be exact.

Now, I took this picture which I got from one of erraticonstilts's many QaF spams, and cropped it sort of like this

Then I used this colouring technique. It was an action I had before things got booted and I had to reinstall PS so I don't have it anymore which is a shame since it was one that looked awesome one most pics.

Next, I decided I wanted it be a reflection pic because I'm cool like that, so I merged the layers and then duplicated the base and flipped it vertically (Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical)

Now, here's where I'm a bit fuzzy as to what I did. I think I next took the base, and since it is the background, right clicked on it in the layer palette, and chose Layer from Backround. Then I moved it down slightly.

(I made the top layer invisible so you could see)

Then I used a black and white gradient map on the topmost layer

Now for the blending. I used a soft brush for this (default with photoshop and oh-so-trendy right now) I think it was probably the 45px size, though any size from 45px to 100px is alright, because after that things get too blended and seethrough.

Again, fuzzy on details but I probably used a layer mask to erase. ALWAYS USE LAYER MASKS. LAYER MASKS>ERASER)

Layer Masks in 10 words or Less:
White=Bring Back
Layer Masks=NO MISTAKES!

It's not exactly straight, but I'm not a walking ruler.

Now for the shiny part. I used this texture set to screen 100% by zemie Which I adore and have used on lots of icons because it is really useful.

Something was off (like the tacky colour combination?) so off to Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U)

Still a bit of green, so I used #d8d2a5 (which I picked out of the background) and went over it WITH THE BRUSH SET TO COLOUR not a new layer.

You can see a bit in the corner went over the layer, so I used the smudge tool (65px 45% strength) to even that out.

New Old

Always wondered what I kept thinking I missed. I forgot to sharpen the original.
Now, it's not exact, but I did say it's from memory and not PSD.
DO NOT COPY TUTORIAL EXACTLY Use your own ideas, don't rip off mine.
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