Requests - take 2

Hey guys! I know it's been a month or so since the last requests post and most of the things that have been requested have not been filled - I apologize for that.

If those who requested in the last post, if you still would like tutorials on those specific things, please leave a comment here. Be sure to include what programs you use!

Also, if anyone else would like a tutorial on anything, leave a comment here. Be specific, include examples if you'd like.

As in the last request post, the comments will be screened!
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Mod Post

Just a couple of reminders to those with posting access:

1) Please make sure that your tutorials are posted directly to the community. This is in the posting guidelines so I just want to make sure that you're aware of it.
2) If you haven't yet - and most of you with posting access haven't - please join itutwriters. It's a community I set up specifically for those who post here to discuss tutorials and to perhaps bounce ideas off other members. Membership is moderated so if you don't have posting access here you won't get approved for membership there.

Thanks guys! :)

And for those who are watching the community and learning, the call for requests is now closed as we still have quite a few requests to fulfill. Once we have those done I may do another post asking for suggestions. Please keep an eye out for that!

okay, first tutorial

Tutorial Type: icon tutorial; color correction
Skill level: beginner/intermediate
Program used: ps7
Notes: Hopefully the steps are clear!
it's going from Image hosting by Photobucket to Image hosting by Photobucket.

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A. Don't copy the tutorial exactly! It's slightly different for every image! Toy around with it!
B. Pimp the community iconifixation! Friend it! Become our affilate! YAY.

I hope you enjoyed it ;)
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Mod Post

Hi gang!

I have created the community for those of us with posting access here - itutwriters. Everyone with posting access should have received an invitation to join itutwriters but if you didn't, let me know and I'll send it along. :)

If anyone is interested in helping out and wants posting access, visit this post for more information!

Thanks gang and keep your suggestions coming in! You can submit your requests here
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Call for requests!

Hi folks! I have a special offer (of sorts) for you! I want you to leave a comment in this post with a tutorial you would like to see. What I would like to do is then take those requests and see which of our tutorial writers would be able to help out! So if you have a tutorial you'd like to see, leave a comment. If you can help out with writing a tutorial, leave a comment!

I would also like to know, from those that write the tutorials, if it would be worthwhile to have an "itutwriters" community to help with community management - I thought it would be a decent idea but your thoughts are appreciated. I think it would be a great idea to have one of these in light of my above paragraph. ;)

At any rate, comments are screened so if you think your idea or request is dumb, you can rest easy that no one else will see it but me! ;) (Although I'm sure it isn't :P)

19/03/2006 We are no longer taking requests at this time. Please watch for another post in the future if you wish to make a request.

Tutorial: Tips and Tricks for Photoshop

Tutorial Type: Program
Skill level: Any, really.
Program used: PSCS2
Notes: These are just a few tips and tricks for Photoshop. I use CS2, but I think these should work on all versions. If not, let me know. I don't know how well this will translate to other programs, sorry!
Under the cut: Easy B&W from a Color Image, Levels, Curved Text

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Feedback/questions are always welcome!
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Tutorial #10 - Basic functions/tools in Photoshop 7 - part 6

Tutorial Type: program tutorial #6
Skill level: beginner
Program used: PS7
Notes: This tutorial is part six (and the final part) of a series that I am going to do that covers the more common tools in Photoshop 7. This series is intended for those who are learning PS7 for the very first time. Be warned, this is image AND text heavy.

You see a lot of tutorials out there that talk about colouring and how to do it and a LOT of them talk about the good 'ol blue exclusion layer. Yes, this is a viable option for creating some very nice colouring but there are so many more options and that's what we're going to take a look at today - blending modes!

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This brings us to the end of my photoshop series. This was as far as I had ever planned on going. This won't be my last tutorial by any means, just the last one in this series. With everything we've covered in this and the last 5 tutorials, you should be well on your way to making spectacular graphics! Don't forget to check the other tutorials in this community for more help!