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An icon and graphic tutorial community

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Welcome to iTut (pronounced eye-toot heh)! This is a community that is designed to provide high quality icon tutorials and tutorials for various graphic programs. Please read the rules below and if you think you can stick to 'em, join up and maybe apply to be a tutorial provider!

1. Joining the community does not automatically grant you posting access. Posting access is granted to those that apply and are approved.
2. This is not a community for asking questions with the exception of the question threads. Please be sure to check those threads and the memories to find out if your question has been answered.
3. No flaming. If you think something has been posted that is not appropriate, leave a comment in the proper thread and I or one of the mods will check it out.
4. All IP addresses are logged - whether you are logged in or not.
5. Anonymous commenting is allowed. This is to recognize that not all icon makers have a livejournal.

Posting guidlines
Please use the template below when posting your tutorial. Make sure the actual tutorial is behind a cut and is posted to the community. Do not make use fake cuts/links to posts in other journals. All tutorials must be posted to this community. Posts that link off this community will not be approved. All tutorials must be made public. Posts that are locked will not be approved.

Tutorial Type: (ie icon tutorial or program tutorial)
Skill level: (ie beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Program used: (ie ps7, psp9, gimp)
Notes: (any notes you wish to include about the tutorial)

(Click for tutorial)


Maintainer: obliquity
Mods: tamswitter, dontlickit